Malte Wagenfeld

Malte Wagenfeld is a practicing industrial designer, academic and researcher whose explorative designs (furniture, objects, interiors and appliances) and writings have been internationally exhibited and published. Recent projects have seen a shift away from the design of the material towards a phenomenological investigation of atmosphere and experiential environments: whereas someone might focus on the object that produces light or moves air, Malte is more interested in the qualities of light and air.


His current research, “The Aesthetics of Air”, is an investigates into the importance of our sometimes overlooked sensual and perceptual atmospheric encounters (sound, light, air, breezes, smells, humidity and temperature) and how these can lead to new possibilities for a design typology of air and atmosphere within interior spaces. Malte is senior lecturer of Industrial Design at the School of Architecture and Design and is a member of the ‘Urban Interior’ research group at the DRI (Design Research Institute), RMIT.