Semester 2, 2010

With Simon Curlis

Motorcycles are the vehicle of possibility for the bottom half of the pyramid. Developing countries have industries lowered by individuals ability to get to work beyond walking range, deliver goods to market and move the family for community events.

Climate change and peak oil are driving the fuel costs beyond the ability of poor communities to maintain their living standards when transport is required. The majority of motorcycles in this world have engines smaller than 200cc and are small, agile and simple to maintain. The design challenge is to take one such motorcycle and make its eco footprint very small and its potential to go fast and far very large.

The studio concerns the design of a air powered motorcycle for assigned purposes and contexts. This studio will be conducted with Learner Centred Principles. Learners will work in teams and individually to define explore context of practice and construct a project. Learners will encounter: industry Stakeholders, Eco redesign principles, Digital design tools and produce a viable concept for an Ecologically Viable 2 wheels mobility.

This is the second studio project following on form “An Alternative Reality: the search for green speed” 2008.

This project sits within the Global Warming Studio 2010

Feature Image: Dean Benstead